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My Thoughts on Positive Thinking

 thoughts-on-positive-thinkingI’ve heard the following “lines” — or something similar — so many times that they’ve almost been burned into my brain:

I’ve tried all that positive ‘mental stuff’ a billion times…  it doesn’t work at all… at least not for me… I’m not going to fake being happy when I’m not… I’m not going to smile like a crocodile… or armwrestle with people every time I shake their hands…”

I have to confess that I have been a victim of negative thinking like that myself, and I must drive the positive thinking cult absolutely mad some days. Especially the somewhat creepy “positive thinking cultists” who take the game to new extremes with their “fake it till you make it” perma smiles…

…But after all this time I still find myself attracted to the uplifting leaders, strangers, and friends who ARE overwhelmingly positive in a realistically happy way…
I’m sure that they have their bad days too, but overall, positive people are the type of people I like to be around and I’m sure you like those kinds of people too. They have an almost magnetic personality and the world — and everybody  in it — seems to bend to their will like they have this positive force-field around their body when they enter a room or walk down a busy sidewalk.

They leave people feeling happy and important. They are the ROCKSTARS of our industry. It’s something that everybody can aspire to be even if they’re not naturally outgoing, charismatic, or particularly magnetic. In the mean time, it helps to know a few ways to get prospects to chase you down until you learn how to fearlessly network with anybody in person.

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