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Traffic Monsoon Payment Processor Change Update

Traffic Monsoon Update

traffic monsoon payment processor changeIn this video I talk about the Traffic Monsoon Payment Processor Change. I go over what’s going on with Paypal and Traffic Monsoon, and how that’s effecting us as members. There are many positives that are taking place despite the negatives this may be having on our current income. However, since the recent Traffic Monsoon updates our ad packs value has exploded. Considering that we were earning $1 per day per adpack on average before, now we are averaging 5, 6, and even $7 per day per ad pack since the Paypal changes.

Need I remind everyone that what’s going on with Traffic Monsoon is a Paypal issue, not a Traffic Monsoon issue. Paypal is the one that is holding onto Traffic Monsoon’s money and not paying out earnings to Traffic Monsoon members. Traffic Monsoon’s CEO, Charles Scoville and his team are hard at work to get the money released from Paypal. Paypal has a history of doing this to individuals and companies. Paypal without warning or legit cause will purposely freeze accounts and hold onto the funds of their customers. All the while earning “crazy” interest.

1000’s of members are full time business owners and rely on their Traffic Monsoon earnings to survive. There’s currently a petition circulating to get Paypal to release our funds so that we can feed our families and pay our bills. You can sign the petitions here: Paypal, release our Traffic Monsoon Funds

At this time, Traffic Monsoon is processing payments via Payza and SolidTrustPay. They have a good relationship with these processors, and these payment processors have no history of freezing accounts or holding funds. So now more than ever is the time to get your share of revenue. The traffic is also flowing, and approval of your sites and banners occur within 24 hours on average. To see my own and others current results, go here now: Traffic Monsoon Update.

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