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Passive Income Idea – Licensing and Rebranding Products

You may or may not have heard of private label rights products or PLR for short. These are products that you buy the license for and rebrand with a new name. You then market the product as your own and keep 100% of the profits. Some people choose to submit these type of products to,,, etc. This is only allowed if the product has been changed enough to make it seems like a unique product in the marketplace. Since most people who buy PLR products don’t do anything with them, then making the product unique should not be hard.

passive income streams with plrOnce your customized PLR product is on the market, it will continue to make you money year after year with little to no work required by you. This is a great way to create passive income streams. There is no limit to how many and type of PLR product you can have on the market at any one time. It’s really up to you. Whether it’s an ebook, video series, software, website, or online course. You can buy the rights to resell it as your own.

So you may be wondering where you can find PLR products that are of decent quality that you can rebrand and resell. Well, their are a few places available online. Some PLR you can buy from individual sellers. However, the best method is to join a membership site where you get access to a full spectrum of PLR products. This way you’ll have access to a constantly updated supply of various PLR products that are waiting for you to rebrand and resell.

There’s a guy named Mark Austin that has setup such a site, and he’s giving away free Lifetime Memberships to his site Resell Rights Weekly. When you log in to your account, you get access to PLR special reports, ebooks, audios, videos, software, templates, articles, and much more. Resell Rights Weekly gives you:

» Instant access to over 212 hot selling PLR/RR digital products worth hundreds of dollars!

» Two hot new products each and every week with either Private Label Rights or Resale Rights!

» Instant access to over 10,740+ Private Label Rights articles!

» Instant access to 330+ free tools that will help your web business be more profitable!

» Instant access to the Resell Rights Weekly Members Forum!

All the private label rights products allow you to keep 100% of the money you earn when you sell them. Not only can you sell them once, you can sell them over and over again. There is no-cost to sign up. However, don’t wait long because he has informed me that due to increasing hosting bandwidth costs, the free membership in RRW will not be available much longer! So visit the link below to get more details.

>>Click Here For More Details<<

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